Zen With An Edge Backyard Garden: Gulfport, Florida

Late February, to Mid April, 2019–following a Permaculture design consultation–I worked alongside a homeowner in Gulfport, Florida–helping them to implement the first stages of an edible landscape.

The portion of the project I helped with–and the first area of the property to undergo transformation–was the North end of the backyard (with a south facing fence).

Here are the BEFORE pics of that area:


Over the course of 6 weeks, I worked alongside the homeowner to sheet mulch the area and create two large keyhole beds and a planter wall for annual and perennial vegetables.

The following is a slide show documenting the transformation of that area, and below the slide show are some short video logs of the progress. *I have also made recommendations for the planting of various fruit tree guilds, which the homeowner plans to add to the landscape overtime.


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February 26, 2019:  First Keyhole Bed


March 06, 2019:  Planter Wall


March 13, 2019:  Luffas, Gourds, Pigeon Pea, & Comfrey


March 23, 2019:  Planter Mural


April 06, 2019:  Second Keyhole Bed


April 13, 2019:  Beneficial, Predatory Insects, Intercropping & Healthy Soil:  A Garden’s Immune System. (Apologies for the incredibly poor quality of this video. The message still comes across, which is the important thing.)

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