October 2016- I began transforming a typical urban lawn in Central Florida  into an abundant, 1/4 acre  Food Forest.  See slide show below for “before Pics”     Click here to view videos showing the progress that was made over the course of 18 months. (If you’d like to do something similar to this onContinue reading “1/4 ACRE FOOD FOREST: BEFORE”


I spent the first week of April, 2016 volunteering at Circle T Farms in Brooksville, Florida–a newly forming 10 acre Permaculture Farm which (among other features) will include a large market garden, education center, and Forest Garden. Since Circle T is still in its initial phases of design/implementation, I actually got to help plant someContinue reading “FOOD FOREST & COMPANION PLANTING IN BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA”


Camille and I (Riley) spent the first two weeks of March (2016) working at Blue Ridge Napping Institute in Moravian Falls, North Carolina.  Our main task was to help (owner) Tom direct seed and transplant hardy and semi-hardy vegetables into his Spring Garden. First we started (from seed) several flats of onions, kale, lettuce, tomatoes,Continue reading “SPRING PLANTINGS: A NORTH CAROLINA VEGETABLE GARDEN”


Today at Blue Ridge Napping Institute, Camille, our friend Jess, and I (Riley) helped Tom open the flood gates on his pond in order to flush out two years worth of sediment. Before we opened the gates, the pond’s dam was filled to the brim with sand, and the water was only a few inchesContinue reading “SOIL EROSION”


Our second day at Blue Ridge Napping Institute was spent surrounding forest for wild daffodils, and then digging them up and transplanting them around the base of fruit trees in Tom’s small orchard.  (Blue Ridge Napping Institute is Tom’s North Carolina homestead and an artist retreat; work-trade volunteers help him maintain the property in exchange forContinue reading “THE DAFFODIL: A FRUIT TREE COMPANION”


During the summer of 2015, I consulted with a non-profit organization in Central Florida that manages eight elementary schoolyard gardens.  Their mission:  “ to eliminate poverty as a factor in educational success and diet-related health issues”. In pursuit of this goal, volunteers and staff members provide students and their families with opportunities for hands-on learning inContinue reading “SCHOOLYARD PERMACULTURE”

Pond Installation / Edible Water Garden

Monday, April 27, 2015 Yesterday I (Riley) attended a Permablitz at the home of Permaculture Designer and teacher Koreen Breenan, where I learned (hands-on) how to install a small pond, which will ultimately serve as an Edible water garden First (on fairly level ground) we dug a kidney shaped hole, aproximately 4 foot wide and 9Continue reading “Pond Installation / Edible Water Garden”

Placemaking 2015: Gulfport Community Garden

Mother Mana’s 2014 New Year’s Resolution was to help transform an empty, unused city lot in Gulfport, Florida into a beautiful, abundant space. –A space for growing food, kinship, culture, and greater self-sufficiency. 2014 has officially come and gone, and we are happy to report that our (collective) envisioned transformation of that vacant city lotContinue reading “Placemaking 2015: Gulfport Community Garden”

Soil Biology Workshop: Feb 8, 2014

February 8th 2014 Mother Mana teamed up with Molly and Jacob–of the The Living Soil Compost Lab– to host a hands-on workshop on Cultivating the Soil Foodweb.  20% of the proceeds were donated to the Gulfport Community Garden.   QUESTIONS ANSWERED / TOPICS COVERED: *What is the soil foodweb? *Why the soil foodweb may orContinue reading “Soil Biology Workshop: Feb 8, 2014”