1/4 ACRE FOOD FOREST (Saint Pete, Fl)

The videos below document May - August 2018:  18 months into the conversion of a typical urban lawn into an abundant food forest.   As of September 2018, the following trees and other perennials were growing on the property:  Avocado, Macadamia Nut, 3 varieties of figs, Papaya,  Moringa, Strawberry Guava, Sapote, Everbearing Mulberry, Jack Fruit, Lemon,… Continue reading 1/4 ACRE FOOD FOREST (Saint Pete, Fl)


I spent the first week of April, 2016 volunteering at Circle T Farms in Brooksville, Florida--a newly forming 10 acre Permaculture Farm which (among other features) will include a large market garden, education center, and Forest Garden. Since Circle T is still in its initial phases of design/implementation, I actually got to help plant some… Continue reading FOOD FOREST & COMPANION PLANTING IN BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA


Today at Blue Ridge Napping Institute, Camille, our friend Jess, and I (Riley) helped Tom open the flood gates on his pond in order to flush out two years worth of sediment. Before we opened the gates, the pond's dam was filled to the brim with sand, and the water was only a few inches… Continue reading SOIL EROSION