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Let me help you apply the ethics and design principles of Permaculture to your property to create a beautiful, functional landscape which requires little maintenance and offers maximum rewards, including food security and greater self-sufficiency.


I have an Environmental Science degree with an emphasis on Sustainable Living from Maharishi University of Management, and received my Permaculture Design Certificate from Permaculture Institute USA in 2011.  –Over the years, I have increased my knowledge base and honed my skills by working on numerous farms and homesteads throughout the U.S.


     A very unexpected thing happened in my world recently:  Without warning, notice, or severance of any kind, I was let go from my job. I was completely blindsided, and also a bit disturbed by the way it was handled, though I will not go into detail about that here.
     What I do want to say is this:  Right Livelihood, Community Building, and Self Actualization are my top priorities. I will no longer let fear, or the pursuit of money or possessions come before or get in the way of those things.
     I will not compromise my values or ethics for the sake of a steady paycheck and the FALSE sense of security it provides.
     Like just about everyone, I have debts and expenses (like student loans and car insurance) which can only be paid for with money. But I also have many needs which can be met without the exchange of money. Most things actually.
     I’m done basing major life decisions on how my ability to accumulate a tool of exchange will be impacted. –A tool that often obscures the true value and importance of the things that provide me with the most joy and profound meaning:
     Spending quality time with the people (and creatures) that I love; growing my own food; getting lost in Nature; pursuing and sharing my passions; learning; exploring; creating,; teaching. These are the things that matter the most to me. And, as far as I know, I only get one life.
     Over the years–a practice of mindfulness and intentionality has caused me to become more and more of a minimalist. And what I have noticed is that, at least for me, there is a direct correlation between having less things, and an increased capacity for gratitude and contentment.
     I simultaneously own less, need less, and have more (of Myself) to give than I ever have.
     I’m still batting ideas around, but what feels right to me is to live incredibly simply and throw myself into volunteerism and passion projects–like helping people convert their lawns into food forests so that they can become more self sufficient and empowered.
     I could do that all day every day–for the Love of it, and for the Love it generates… That feels good, and right, and true.
     In order to ensure that I am able to meet the few financial obligations I do have, I may document these projects and make the content available to donors through Patreon or a similar platform.
     I’m not sure of the details just yet, but I do know my soul has been ignited, and I seem to be headed in the direction of my Purpose, and for that I am thankful.


(Additional travel fees may apply for those outside Saint Petersburg & Gulfport, Florida)










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